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Mailing address: 32524 Morning View Lane Millsboro, DE. 19966  - Location: John J Williams Hwy. (RT. 24) 7 miles East of Millsboro across from American Legion Post 28.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • How long has Sussex Fence Company been in business?

    Since 1981.

  • What area do we serve?

    Sussex County and lower Kent County, Delaware.
  • Is Sussex Fence licensed?

    Yes, we are licensed by the State of Delaware, and we carry licenses for each individual town we work in.
  • Is Sussex Fence insured?

     Yes, we are fully covered, should any damage occur to your property during the installation process.


  • Do we charge for estimates ?

    No, but in order to give the most accurate price, we will need to meet the homeowner or representative on site to get accurate measurements, gate locations, and address any other pertinent details.

  • How long will it take from the time a contract is signed to installation?

    It depends on the type of material, and if the supplier has it in stock.  Typically it takes about two weeks, but could take longer for special orders.  The time of year can also affect lead time; peak season is spring and fall.
  • Are permits required?

    Usually yes.  But more important, check with your homeowners association or architectural review committee, if you live in a community.  Some community guidelines and rules are very restrictive.  In most communities, written approval by your homeowners association is required.

  • Are Sussex Fence products covered under warranty?

    Typically all fences are covered under warranty.  See each manufacturer’s warranty for details.  Most warranties cover just about everything except damage that is normally covered by insurance.  Again, see each manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions.  Sussex Fence will warranty labor and installation.

  • Will Sussex Fence locate underground utilities?

    Yes, but we can only locate public utilities.  We have no way of knowing the location of private utilities or irrigation systems, and rely on the homeowner to tell us.


  • What fence heights are available?

    Heights are available in 3’, 3-1/2’, 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, and 8’.  Note that in Sussex County, Delaware, a minimum of 4’ is required for pool fence.  In Sussex County residential areas, the maximum height of a fence is 7’.  Your town regulations may vary.  Check with your homeowners association to see if there are any restrictions on type, style, or height.
  • What widths do gates come in?

    Standard sizes are 3’, 4’, and 5’ single, and 10’ double.  Please note that if you have a lawn service, check with them to see what they require for their equipment.  Usually a 5’ single gate is sufficient for most lawn equipment.


  • Does the homeowner need to be present during the fence installation?

    Normally no, as we bring our own water, electrical source, etc.  The rep who originally met with you will be on site to ensure the fence is installed where you want it.

  • How long does it take to install a fence?

    Depending on the type and style of fence, typically we set the posts in concrete in one day, then we return after the concrete has set to hang the gates and finish up.

  • Are the posts set in concrete?

     Yes, we set all our posts in concrete.  We mix our own concrete on site.  We don’t use bagged dry (waterless) concrete.

  • Are posts reinforded with treated lumber?

     No. Because our posts have thicker-walls than other lower-grade products, treated lumber is not required, nor is it necessary.  However, bottom rails and gate posts are reinforced to ensure maximum strength.

  • Does our crew trim bushes or trees that are in the way of the fence?

    Yes, but only at the homeowner’s request.  We are limited to small trees and brush, due to our insurance limitations.  Larger trees and heavy brush may require a landscaper or tree specialist.
  • Does our crew remove and haul away old fencing?

    Yes, but only if we are installing a new fence in its place.


  • Care of vinyl PVC fence – How do I clean my vinyl fence?

    Simple cleanup with non-abrasive soap and water is usually all that is needed.  For occasional tough cleanup that requires a little extra care, the manufacturer recommends using Spray Nine.  Test an area first, before applying. PVC fence can also be safely cleaned by power washing methods for larger areas.
  • Why do some fences turn green?

    Some areas are more prone to algae or mold than others. If your house has green matter growing on the siding, there's a good chance your fence will have it as well. Power washing can remove algae and mold. Click here for an interesting article on mold removal

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